AlertSec’s services are available for single or multiple subscriptions with a minimum of a one-month subscription period. The subscription fee is per computer per month.


Price per device


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Assisted (incl. 24/7 Support)




Premium Service

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Costs associated with Full Disk Encryption

It’s important to analyse the total cost for utilizing full disk encryption. Costs associated with procurement, as well as operational costs related to the administration and deployment of the software, are to be taken into consideration as well. The costs associated with deploying and maintaining software are hidden when purchasing a product, but are actually the major cost when considering the total cost of ownership. The cost of encryption is divided into three elements: licensing and maintenance, operations and infrastructure.

Licensing and Maintenance Costs

With AlertSec, the organization pays a set fee for each protected device each month. This fee is based on the number of devices to be protected, and includes all costs. There is no separate maintenance fee associated with AlertSec.

Infrastructure Costs

With the AlertSec solution, the servers are hosted and maintained by AlertSec. These costs are included as part of the subscription price and are, therefore, not hidden costs to the organization.

Operations Costs

Administration costs include tasks such as deploying the software to end user devices, setting and changing policies, user management and recovery from system crashes. End user support primarily focuses on password resets or providing temporary access to users who have forgotten tokens or smart cards. The team at the AlertSec helpdesk are encryption specialists ready to serve 24/7. This service is included in the AlertSec monthly fee.


The AlertSec solution, provided as a service, eliminates the customer costs associated with installing the software. The service minimizes the cost of initial configuration by providing intelligent templates for the configuration.


The AlertSec solution provides automatic software upgrades to both the server and client software automatically without any need or action by the organization.

User Support

The user support tasks are associated with providing assistance to the end users once the software has been deployed to their systems. This is primarily support for forgotten passwords or tokens (depending on the authentication configuration).

In the AlertSec solution, AlertSec provides all end user support, including password resets.