New Third Party Monitoring Solution and Two-Factor Authentication for Administrators

Designed to increase security and encryption visibility for organizations

Palo Alto, CA – October 20, 2016 – Alertsec, the cloud-based laptop encryption company, announced today its new monitoring solution, Alertsec Third-Party Supplier Security, and the release of two-factor authentication for administrators.

Alertsec enables large corporations to extend their endpoint security beyond the corporate network by encrypting subcontractors’ endpoints. The new third-party solution includes a monitoring tool that allows users to see who outside of the network has full disk encryption deployed, providing visibility and control of sensitive company data.

Alertsec is the first provider of endpoint encryption as a service that offers organizations the ability to control visibility outside of a network’s encryption. Users are able to generate real-time reports for audits of third parties to enforce endpoint encryption.

Until now, organizations have had no control over third-party vendor data. Alertsec provides a visibility tool for users to control who is protecting company information with encryption. This is especially important for companies within the insurance, healthcare and financial services industries, as data being shared has HIPPA and SOX compliance implications. Alertsec enables organizations to supervise subcontractors to secure their endpoints with encryption, thereby minimizing the possibility of disclosing sensitive information and of data breaches.

In addition, Alertsec now supports two-factor authentication for administrators. Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to help prevent unauthorized access. In light of a recent report by The Ponemon Institute, sponsored by IBM, that revealed the average cost of a data breach has increased to $4 million, users are now able to enforce two-factor authentication for new administrators if required.

We are very excited to announce the addition of the Third-Party Supplier Security monitoring solution and two-factor authentication to our suite of encryption capabilities at Alertsec,” said Alertsec CEO Ebba Blitz. She added, “Every day many emails are exchanged within large corporations, often containing sensitive company information, which are then sent to third parties, such as vendors. We at Alertsec work with organizations to ensure that their subcontractors secure all sensitive data. Even large corporations with extensive security systems do not have control of their own information once it has been shared outside of the corporate network.”

The monitoring solution is an easy-to-use, intuitive offering that provides no extra responsibilities for corporate IT departments, as Alertsec is cloud-based and provides a 24/7 help desk.

Key features include:

  • Protect – Safeguard data on computers and removable media on non-network computers
  • Comply – Ensure compliance with a security policy regarding endpoint encryption for Data at Rest (DAR)
  • Monitor – Monitor partner devices and verify compliance through a cloud management tool

How it works:

  • An encryption agent installs encryption on a third-party laptop, encrypting the computer’s hard disk
  • Alertsec manages security questions and recovery files
  • Once installed, visibility and control are accessible via the company dashboard
  • Audit records are activated, providing the option to generate reports based on internal controls

With two-factor authentication, Alertsec users are now able to step up security for anyone logging in to the web account. The new feature provides:

  • Extra protection in addition to standard ID and password
  • Works with mobile phones, and no apps are needed for use
  • Once enabled, each time a user logs into their web account it will prompt a text message with a one-time pass code
  • Users simply type in the code to verify identity
  • Each administrator can activate two-factor authentication, and account holders are able to enforce the policy requirement of two-factor authentication

Deployment of Alertsec’s endpoint encryption monitoring solution and two-factor authentication is the most effective way to protect company information, because it ensures it is not accessible via an unencrypted laptop,” Blitz explained.

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