AlertSec Delivers Unmatched Security to Insurance Industry

Patented Technology From AlertSec Protects Sensitive Customer and Financial Data on

Third-Party Devices and Ensures Legal Compliance


Palo Alto, Calif. – March 21, 2019 – AlertSec, the leader in encryption compliance for third-party devices, today announced that it has launched AlertSec Ensure, a compliance platform that will ensure that encryption is activated on third-party devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, for insurance brokers.


AlertSec developed this security solution in collaboration with industry-leading insurance companies. With the platform, information on all broker and agent devices that have access to insurance company systems will be stored encrypted to protect sensitive customer data. The patented solution will ensure compliance with cybersecurity requirements for financial services companies, such as 23 NYCRR 500 and 500.11.

“New regulations place a large responsibility for cybersecurity compliance on insurance companies, which must make certain that brokers and agents handle customer data in a secure manner,” said Ebba Blitz, CEO of AlertSec. “We provide a platform for insurance companies to verify that insurance brokers store customer data in an encrypted fashion.” She further explained, “Our solution will ultimately deliver an unmatched level of security and legal compliance to the industry – no matter the size of the insurance company or number of customers that a company may handle.” 


AlertSec has worked to build a solution that addresses a key pain point for the insurance industry – the challenge of un-secure devices at the broker and agent level. AlertSec’s technology will deliver an innovative way to protect at-risk data where it most commonly lives. This is a big step forward for the industry as a whole, Blitz explained. “The challenge of un-secure devices at the broker and agent level is significant and requires attention by the industry,” said Blitz.


“Educating the broker community on the importance of data encryption for health care data and personal data is essential going forward,” Blitz explained. “After brokers or agents log in at the broker portal, our platform ensures that they have installed encryption, in effect enforcing compliance through multiple steps at the enterprise level. We believe that brokers and agents will want to comply, because everyone has the same objective – to protect customers.”


AlertSec is an industry innovator that develops and implements new solutions that advance the state of the art for the insurance and health care industries. AlertSec Ensure is an important step in protecting customer data at highly vulnerable endpoints such as agent laptops, Blitz added.


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